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Done way back on a warm day in the summer (obviously not ideal pie crust making weather).  2 guys + 3 girls in the kitchen one late Saturday night.  Time to have the battle of the pies.  The battle per se: lard crusts vs. margarine crusts vs oil crusts.  Dan, an avid lard lover (bleh) vs. Lauren, the margarine lover vs. Tammy, the lover all pie and wanting to experiment.  In my unbiased opinion (cough, cough)…the margarine won. 

I did throw in a special ingredient…in the form of…VODKA.  I reduced some of the water in the recipe and threw in Vodka.  The science behind it being: alcohol will moisten the pie and make it easy to work with and roll out, but the vodka will not result in gluten formation…hence a nice, tender, flakey pie.

I rule.

We did blueberry, apple…and Helen’s fruit of choice, apricot.  I gotta admit, apricot pie…pretty good.

Alex, the other macho man in the kitchen was the photographer.  These aren’t his pix, his are much, much (x 10) better.


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