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Done way back on a warm day in the summer (obviously not ideal pie crust making weather).  2 guys + 3 girls in the kitchen one late Saturday night.  Time to have the battle of the pies.  The battle per se: lard crusts vs. margarine crusts vs oil crusts.  Dan, an avid lard lover (bleh) vs. Lauren, the margarine lover vs. Tammy, the lover all pie and wanting to experiment.  In my unbiased opinion (cough, cough)…the margarine won. 

I did throw in a special ingredient…in the form of…VODKA.  I reduced some of the water in the recipe and threw in Vodka.  The science behind it being: alcohol will moisten the pie and make it easy to work with and roll out, but the vodka will not result in gluten formation…hence a nice, tender, flakey pie.

I rule.

We did blueberry, apple…and Helen’s fruit of choice, apricot.  I gotta admit, apricot pie…pretty good.

Alex, the other macho man in the kitchen was the photographer.  These aren’t his pix, his are much, much (x 10) better.


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Suuushaayyy partayyyyy.


There was a time, when i was making rolled sushi and okonomiyaki, every day for about a month. The people at the Japanese market I go to…must have thought i was crazy going in and getting fresh fish almost daily.

Back in the beginning of the year.  A little sushi party.  I prepped all the fish, veggies, fillings…and then my friends did their thang. 

We started it off with some sake shots.  I hollowed out some cukes…refreshing…but i got impatient (me, impatient, i know right…) and cut through some cukes…so sake was flowing out, baller style? No.

Oh baby.  Tuna, toro, hamachi, salmon, chopped scallop, crab, smoked salmon, quail eggs, prosciutto, chicken teriyaki, uni (shudder), unagi, mango, avocado, asparagus…ok I can’t go on.

7 layer dip…nawww…7 layer sushi. Because that’s how we roll baybee…or press…

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Christmas 2007…back when my photography skills were poor…well they aren’ that much better now, but at least know what “macro” is.  Those were mini pies that I made…blueberry, apple and pumpkin, baked in muffin tins.  The cupcakes where dark chocolate.  I think i had vanilla frosting, chocolate peanut butter frosting and mint chocolate frosting.  Who knows…

Some of the food that I made.  This is the 2nd year I’ve hosted the Christmas party.  This guide by Tyler Florence is a savior…I have made the turkey, green beans, potatos, carrots, stuffing…the green beans and pancetta always get a round of applause.

So cute!!! Very time consuming to make…but…so cute, hahaha.

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And so it begins…

My first post…of what I hope is a useful blog and entertaining blog.  The first couple of posts are going to be of food that I have made in the past few months…and most won’t have recipes…b/c i don’t remember where i got them and i’ve changed them so much.  I generally like to make healthy food…substituting fat with apple sauce, prunes etc…and whole wheat and spelt are usually my flours of choice.  If I make anything that uses refined flour, sugar, buter…I generally don’t eat. Hahaha.  I guess this all goes to my background, I mean my education is in food and nutrition.  Ok, enough, nobody reads this anyways, the pictures are what really matters…and the “one liner” commentary of course.

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