So i regularly stalk the daring bakers. Not all of them…just a few.  I have about 50 different food blogs saved under my “favorites” list and i frequent them on a almost daily basis.  I would say that the majority of the internet sites i visit…are food blogs…95%, give or take…

So i did the cheesecake pop thang too…I didn’t use the exact recipe they did and I scaled it down quite a bit.  I rolled mine in dark chocolate with pistachio, dark chocolate with skor bites, dark chocolate with coconut.

The cupcake thing-a-ma-jigs were inspired by Bakerella.  So what did i do…Hmm, well I made a chocolate cake first.  I didn’t do the cheater version and use a boxed cake, just a plain old choco cake recipe. I let it cool, then i shaped them into little cupcakes( or mushrooms, haha)…

After letting them set, i dipped the bottom in some semi-sweet ghiradelli and the tops in white chocolate.

I then sprinkled them with candy and topped  some with green tea kitkat and others with jelly tots.

They were a teeny little army. Cute…but time consuming. I guess if i had the proper equipment and used boxed (evil) mix it would be more efficient…i hate being inefficient. *scowls*


Back in the day…

Christmas 2007…back when my photography skills were poor…well they aren’ that much better now, but at least know what “macro” is.  Those were mini pies that I made…blueberry, apple and pumpkin, baked in muffin tins.  The cupcakes where dark chocolate.  I think i had vanilla frosting, chocolate peanut butter frosting and mint chocolate frosting.  Who knows…

Some of the food that I made.  This is the 2nd year I’ve hosted the Christmas party.  This guide by Tyler Florence is a savior…I have made the turkey, green beans, potatos, carrots, stuffing…the green beans and pancetta always get a round of applause.

So cute!!! Very time consuming to make…but…so cute, hahaha.

My first post…of what I hope is a useful blog and entertaining blog.  The first couple of posts are going to be of food that I have made in the past few months…and most won’t have recipes…b/c i don’t remember where i got them and i’ve changed them so much.  I generally like to make healthy food…substituting fat with apple sauce, prunes etc…and whole wheat and spelt are usually my flours of choice.  If I make anything that uses refined flour, sugar, buter…I generally don’t eat. Hahaha.  I guess this all goes to my background, I mean my education is in food and nutrition.  Ok, enough, nobody reads this anyways, the pictures are what really matters…and the “one liner” commentary of course.