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I like chocolate.  I like cookies. I like chocolate chip cookies.

But those are boring. (And i’m not boring…i am awesome…and humble)

So as i was scoping out pages, i stumbled upon this.

So i went for it.  I just made a basic cookie dough recipe (forgive me, i forget what i put in) and nixed the choco chips.   Then i rolled some parchment (no pastry bag, i’m high roller that way) and made little “chips”. Baked the chips for about 4 minutes.  Melted down some callebaut semi-sweet chips.  And dumped the “chips” in.  I saved a few nice ones for decoration.

They turned out awesome.

So i went to take pictures…and gasp my camera battery was dead!!! So then i resorted to my cell phone to take pics (see below, so horrible…and i cursed a lot) I then realized, “lauren, just charge your camera, IDIOT!”)

i can’t believe how awesome the above  pic turned out.  You have no idea, i felt so profesh.

And below some poor shots.  The last two with my camera phone.


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