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Suuushaayyy partayyyyy.


There was a time, when i was making rolled sushi and okonomiyaki, every day for about a month. The people at the Japanese market I go to…must have thought i was crazy going in and getting fresh fish almost daily.

Back in the beginning of the year.  A little sushi party.  I prepped all the fish, veggies, fillings…and then my friends did their thang. 

We started it off with some sake shots.  I hollowed out some cukes…refreshing…but i got impatient (me, impatient, i know right…) and cut through some cukes…so sake was flowing out, baller style? No.

Oh baby.  Tuna, toro, hamachi, salmon, chopped scallop, crab, smoked salmon, quail eggs, prosciutto, chicken teriyaki, uni (shudder), unagi, mango, avocado, asparagus…ok I can’t go on.

7 layer dip…nawww…7 layer sushi. Because that’s how we roll baybee…or press…


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